RockNRoll Amps

Carl Roa Model - CR60

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Clips by Carl Roa. Les Paul on left channel, custom Warmoth right channel. Guitars loaded withDimarzio pickups. Mogami instrument cables used.

"The Ultimate High Gain Amp! Super tight and dynamic ... with incredible note definition. Capable of heavy mega crunch to pristine cleans, it is truly has the most incredible tones I have ever heard!" - Carl Roa
Carl Roa
This amp will do anything from a Marshallesque crunch 
to extreme in your face high gain that will punch you in 
the chest and push the air out of your lungs. It can be 
set for mild overdrive to ridiculous overdrive. 
This is not a clean amp. It can achieve cleaner settings 
but it will not do spanking clean. You will find this 
amp responds well to rolling back on your guitar volume.
Shredders, Dropped tuning, Metal Heads, Death Metal, 
Palm muters will enjoy this amp. When dialed in it 
will also do Classic Rock tones and gain.

Hand wired on a military style turret board the CR60 is 
light weight and only 21 inches across! 
Capable of handling heavy touring or for the local 
performing musician looking to have incredible tone in 
a small portable package! This amp sounds great at 
bedroom volumes or at live stage volumes.  

Aside from the Gain control the CR60 also has a 
footswitchable overdrive built in which is adjusted by 
the front panel Overdrive control. So, you can add or 
remove overdrive to any gain setting. It is like running 
an overdrive pedal out in front of the amp. 
You can set Master 1 and Master 2 to act as normal and  
boosted volume. All controllable by the footswitch. 
Versatile controls and incredile tone in a small light package!

Features for the CR60 

-Rocknrollamps CR60 Hand wired on military style 
turret board 
-Precision American made chassis and faceplate. 
-American made transformers by Magnetic Components 
-American made cabinetry by Fusco Cabinetry

Simple to use single channel amplifier set up to feel 
like multi channel. Extremely high gain is available on 
tap. This is not a Blues amp. Great for high gain 
shredding, fusion, Metal, Heavy Metal, dropped tuning, death metal.

Controls include Master1, Master2, Gain control/Bite 
switch, OverDrive, Treble, Middle, Bass, Presence, Resonance.

3 button Footswitch, switches between Master1 Master2, 
Overdrive on off, Gain/Aux Gain.
Rear panel has On/0ff, Standby(Organic/Inorganic), 
2 speaker outs, 4/8/16 ohm rotary switch, Return and 
Send for effects, Footswitch jack, Aux Gain control 

Aux gain control – allows a predetermined lower gain 
level that you can switch between the front panel gain 
and the rear panel gain. Aux Gain control allows you to 
toggle between "cleaner" and "high gain crunch" tones. 
When in cleaner setting, the amps gain defaults to the 
Aux Gain setting. 

Organic/inorganic switch is incorporated into the Standby 
switch. Essentially, this switches between a "dead" 
resistor and a "live" choke. The "dead" resistor is a 
more sterile sound with a harder attack which works 
extremely well with the high gain characteristic of 
this amp. The "live" choke seems to give softer attack, 
more harmonics, sustain like a Gary Moore kind of thing. 

The Bite switch is a push pull switch incorporated into 
the front gain control. It imparts more bite, or grit. 
Try it, you'll like it. It works really well with Organic mode. 

Effects loop 
Variable internal bias control 
Matched JJ power tubes 
Heavy duty handle 
60 watt 2-6L6 4-12ax7 
Light weight grab and go pine cabinet is dovetail jointed.
Baffle and back are furniture grade plywood. 

Stock color is Marshall Green Levant 

Color change to tolex covering will be offered at an increase in price.